Welcome to the UCSF Housing Portal

The UCSF Housing Portal is your one-stop location for all online services related to on-campus housing.

First: Create an account and apply for housing. Please read below about the application process.

Next: Once you are a tenant, you will use this portal to complete the move-in orientation, pay your rent, update your automatic payment method, and to complete the move-out process.

Application Process

Before creating an account and submitting an application:

Submitting an online application is free and implies no obligation. The commitment happens after both parties sign the Housing Agreement.

Step 1. First time applicants will need to create an account by clicking the "Create Account" link above. After completing this step, you can log back in to the system using your email address. You will be given a password, and will need to click the "Application" link to submit an online application.

Step 2. Enter your information in the online application, and receive a confirmation that your application was submitted by email.

Step 3. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an "Application Approved" email. Wait for Housing Services to contact you with a housing placement. If we do not contact you, it means you were not selected in the lottery. You should continue to seek Off-Campus Housing. (See "Assignments Priority" below for more information)

Step 4. If we contact you to offer a space, read and sign the online Housing Agreement, and make your Initial Rent Payment.

Important Policies
All tenants who live in UCSF Housing are subject to a 2-year term limit. This is measured as 24 months from your Occupancy Date. Term limits are cumulative in a lifetime, regardless of university affiliation or break in tenancy. You are encouraged to be aware of this term limit, as your housing will not be extended after your term limit. UCSF Housing is primarily a program to ease the transition for new recruits to UCSF. It is not a permanent housing situation.

It is important to know that Housing Services does not permit transfers between apartments, and you may not transfer your apartment to anyone else.

If you smoke or have pets, you should not live in UCSF Housing. Smoking and pets are not permitted.

Assignments Priority
Housing spaces are offered through a lottery based on the applicant’s move-in month and the type of apartment they are interested in. Applicants may specify one move-in month and up to three unit types on their application. For example, those who need a 1-bedroom apartment on July 15 will be placed into a lottery with all other applicants who are interested in 1-bedroom apartments in July. We generally book apartments 30 to 60 days in advance of occupancy and sometimes up to 90 days in advance during the summer.

Applicants who are "New" to UCSF have priority over continuing UCSF affiliates. "New" means you have never been a student or worked at UCSF in the past, and that you have a letter of admission or employment that proves you are starting your program at UCSF at a time that corresponds to your housing move-in date. Every applicant’s "New" status expires each May 31 (Example: If your program began March 1, 2015 you will be considered new through May 31, 2015. If your program start July 1, 2015 you will be considered "New" through May 31, 2016.)

The following priority does not apply to Faculty applicants. All other applicants will be grouped according to their corresponding priority, and a lottery will be held among those applicants. When the priority group applicant pool has been exhausted, a lottery will be held for the next priority group in the following order: 

Priority 1: New applicants who submit proof of a dependent child (under 18) will be prioritized over all other applicants for 2 and 3 bedroom units.

Priority 2: New applicants who are living with another adult who is either a documented UCSF housing-eligible affiliate (student, postdoc, resident, clinical fellow, faculty) -OR- New applicants who have a documented disabled third adult for whom the applicant is the primary caregiver.

Priority 3: Applicants who are not new, but submit proof of a dependent child (under 18).

Priority 4: Applicants who are not new, but are living with another adult who is either a documented UCSF housing-eligible affiliate (student, postdoc, resident, clinical fellow, faculty) -OR- who have a documented disabled third adult for whom the applicant is the primary caregiver.

Priority 5: All other applicants who are new to the University.

Priority 6: All other applicants who are not new to the University. When an applicant refuses an offer from Housing Services, that applicant will be moved to the lowest priority in the applicant pool. Housing Services will offer units based on your application preferences, so please be sure you are willing to accept any of the property types for which you are applying.

Applicants who have disabilities (or other occupants with disabilities) should make a note of it on the Housing Application. Housing Services attempts to make accommodations for qualified applicants. Please see our Accessible Housing Policy.

PRIVACY NOTIFICATION: The State of California Information Practices Act of 1977 requires the University to provide the following information to individuals who are asked to supply information about themselves. The principle purpose for requesting the information on this form is to allocate spaces in University-owned housing and to verify the continued eligibility of students occupying family or student housing. University policy authorizes maintenance of this information. Furnishing all information requested on this form is mandatory. If all the information is not provided, the application cannot be processed. The information provided by the Tenant will be released pursuant to applicable state and federal laws. Individuals have the right to review their own records in accordance with the University policy set forth in Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students. Information in these policies can be obtained from the Office of Student Life. The person / official responsible for maintaining the information contained on this form is the Director of Housing Services.

Our Housing Offices are located at:

UCSF Mission Bay Housing
1505 - 4th Street, Box 3100 San Francisco, CA. 94143-3100 ph: 415.514.4550

UCSF Aldea Center Housing Satellite Office
155 Johnstone Drive, Box 0231 San Francisco, CA. 94143-0231 ph: 415.476.2231